Bonnie Stevenson

Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Brown
: 5' 7"
Weight: 135
Agent: Multi-Listed
Direct Contact:

Gracie Klench (Lead Role) - Caught In The Act, Expressions! Community Theater
Polly Butler (Lead Role) - Marriage Is Murder, Expressions! CommunityTheater
Charlotte Hay (Lead Role) - Moon Over Buffalo, Curtain Call Community Theater
Florence Unger (Lead Role) - The Odd Couple Female Version - Generations Community Theater
Mary, Mother of Jesus (Lead Role) - An Encounter With Christ - Hosanna!
Honey Raye Futrelle (Lead Role) - Dearly Beloved, Expressions! Community Theater
Honey Raye Futrelle (Lead Role) - Christmas Belles, Expressions! Community Theater
Myra Marlowe (Lead Role), A Bad Year For Tomatoes, Expressions! Community Theater

Education & Training
Monologues & Cold Reading - The Performance Studio w/Sandra Horner
On Camera - JR Casting
Acting Coaching - Jeffery Brooks
Acting For The Camera - Lynn Blumenthal Casting
Scene Study - Bill Cooper
Improv - Stevie Rays
Acting Coaching - Lev Mailer

Film & TV
Disdain - Judy Bermar - BLB Films
Midwest Monster - Traci Wagner - Jordan's Room Productions
Wildfire, The Arabian Heart - Connie Dyson - Mean Alien Films
Let's Dish Commercial
Rapala Commercial
International Harvester Commercial
Best Buy Commercial
Decision Imminent - Lucy Schnable - Grammercy Riffs

Visual Arts/Photo
Health East
Atomic Learning
Shop NBC

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